Benjamin Rieck

CEO of AngioConsult, Germany

Benjamin embarked on his tenure with Angiopro in 2002, assuming the pivotal role of Product Manager for Cardio Vascular. Over the years, he has demonstrated versatility and leadership at Corevalve (now Medtronic Inc.), Regis Medical, and Claret Medical Inc. (now part of Boston Scientific), while concurrently serving as Managing Partner at AngioConsult.

In 2019, Benjamin ascended to the CEO position at AngioConsult, and in 2021, he also became the CEO at Angiopro. In addition to his executive roles, Benjamin serves as a strategic advisor and board member for several distinguished organizations, including Pi-Cardia and Hawthorne Effect.

With a career spanning over two decades in the medical device industry, Benjamin’s accomplishments are notable. He has facilitated over 20 successful transitions, including:

  • Millipede, Claret Medical, Apama Medical, Veniti Medical à Boston Scientific
  • CoreValve à Medtronic
  • TVA Medical à BD
  • E Valve, Walk Vascular à Abbott
  • PQ Bypass à Endologix
  • Onset à Terumo
  • Recor à Otsuka
  • Angiodynamics à NASDAQ
  • Dobco à Dedalus
  • Profusa à NorthView
  • MTRE à WMA
  • CardioValve à Venus Medtech
  • CardiAQ Valve Technologies à Edwards
  • Maya Medical à Covidien
  • 3mensio à Pie Medical imaging
  • Pie Medical Imaging à Esaote

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